dionysos andronis : qualis artifex pereo

dionysos andronis


In filming this Swedish actionist performance, Aryan Kaganof returns once again to the world of body art, a favourite haunt of his for a very long time. His old classic films of Ron Athey’s extreme performances, which he shot in the 1990s, are proof of his obsession with this major discipline of contemporary art.

The performance by Bo Cavefors, a master of Swedish body art, is filmed in a very poetic way by Kaganof, and took place in June 2008 in Malmo. It’s entitled "Action Number 43" and is in the same vein as his earlier performances. Bo Cavefors is lying on the ground in the beginning of the film. A zoom out from his face is the starting point for this action. The film is devised as a triptych, like one of his earlier performances which took place in 2007 in Stockholm and was called "Three Studies for a Crucifixion" after Francis Bacon’s work of the same name.

During the opening sequence of the film "Qualis Artifex Pereo", we see three actors around Cavefors, the central actor. Two women and a man watch him in silence as he masturbates and slowly readies himself for the climax...